Omnisphere for composition?

Hey @Mikael! I notice you give a ton of praise to omnisphere.

Once upon a time, when i was a garbage human being, I had a pirated version of it. Ive since gotten rid of that. NEVER STEAL PLUGINS.

Back to the question lol I never could find a place for it in compositions. It seems like its geared toward more synth heavy stuff. Am I missing something?

First, I do use Keyscape and Trilian inside Omnisphere so that brings even more sounds and colors into the Omnisphere sound engine.

I use it for things like:

  • Pads of all Colors
  • Soundscapes
  • Noisescapes
  • Pulses
  • Plucks
  • All kinds of organic sounds

And even HITS! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I may need to relook at it. Ive heard keyscapes is amazing.

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I love Omnisphere. It’s a never-ending discovery of new sounds and possibilities. The arpeggiator is really great. My only complaint would be the interface is starting to look dated compared to plug-ins like Serum and Pigments. But still, it sounds amazing and has far more capabilities. I tell everyone it’s a good investment. It’s my favorite instrument plug-in. I also use Keyscapes for acoustic and electric piano. Trilian and Stylus too. Spectasonics is a great company.


I wish they updated RMX, it is not up to par with Omnisphere, Trilian and Keyscape these days. I dont think they did an update for RXM in like 5-6 years…


I find Omnisphere extremely useful, in addition to all mentioned by Mike, I use it for musical sound design, substituting my own sounds into patches that have interesting settings already, to see what happens and then tweaking it into use. It is surprising how you can get really original sounds that nobody else will then have and it’s quite easy to do.
Also, the sound match function that brings up all related patches to one you like is super useful! I have this plugin since it was called Atmosphere!


I hope they update the GUI and also, that RMX be taken up to this 2019… it is starting to look like abandon-ware.

I love Spectrasonics… :+1:


Omnisphere is on of my go-to instruments when I seek inspiration by the sound itself. It’s true some of the built-in patches are too complex and does not fit every composition, but what I find working is tweaking some of the parameters and stripping down some modulation, layers, effects so it works with my composition.

If you tell me I need to pick one VST and go to a desert island to make music, that would be Omnisphere as it has everything!