Old non tonal composition

here is composition when i was in the music conservatory of music of Toulon in france. it is not a tonal piece, but more an acousmatic track using a lot of sound created by myself in my home studio using a simple microphone and some electrical object like a neon, microwace, there is also some sample found on the web for frequency search when you are trying to find a station on your radio, there is some mobile phone sound, i use also the kaossilator from korg, this little instrument is very good to produce special and bizarre effect for this kind of track. at the conservatory we have learnt some works from luc ferrari, edgar varese,Stockhausen ,pierre henry, pierre shaeffer. the idea is to create sound object and to make an evolution of this one or to create other sound object and make some interracion between all if the simple object .
this track is very special, my idea is to ceate a sound universe showing us all of interferencies and frequencies of our world
i use reaper instead of cubase because it is easier on repear to manipulate sound object
don’t try to find a mode or a tone in this track, there is no regular tempo
there is a lot of sound object
during the audition in the auditorium of the conservatory we broadcast this work on a 6 soundspeakers system that allow to make the sound evoling in space, try to image that you are in themiddle of a room, and there is 6 soundspeakers installed, when the track is broadcasted you are immersed in the track, the sound comes from left to right, back to front , it is a fantastic experience
thanks a lot for listening