Oh my God the POWER (iMac Pro)

So I’m setting up my template for my new iMac Pro with 256 gigs of ram, and, although it’s taking me hours, this is going to change my life.

Every main articulation from EastWest, Spitfire, CineSamples and 8dio Century and Claire all loaded at the same time, all accessible at a click, and the system is yawning and asking for more to do.

I think my mockups will sound a lot better now that I’m able to effortlessly pick the right articulation for the job rather than thinking about whether I want to spend the time searching for one, and making room for it in RAM, or whether I’ll just settle for making an already-loaded articulation do it “good enough.”


Also the rig is portable! I’m using Cubase to play VEP within the single computer, with one external hard drive. Sets up at a coffeehouse in 2 minutes. I am really drunk on this power!

(Now watch me come back next week crying about crashes…but so far, solid!)

Ah man, I want that kind of power too! :stuck_out_tongue:
I am still rocking my old 2013 iMac, and I already maxed out the RAM which is 32GB, and it is the biggest bottle-neck atm.

I am so happy to hear how happy you are though, and that things seems to be working incredibly well.

When it is time for me to upgrade (and I saved up for a long time haha) I will probably choose between iMac Pro and the new Mac Pro. iMac Pro is more bang for your buck (especially if you count in the awesome screen), but Mac Pro is more upgradable in the future. So I have not decided yet.

I’ll be jealous of you if you go Mac Pro, and I couldn’t have afforded $30k, but the portability was important to me. I like to set up at my favorite coffeehouse, take my rig on vacations, etc. I don’t really enjoy working in my home, as there are too many distractions. Plus I am a slob and do t keep my studio clean enough, then it gets depressing.

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Yeah, I’m a studio caveman so portability is not an issue for me. I could have it all in a server rack for all I care :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be very interesting when they announce the prices for the various setups of the new Mac Pro. But whatever the cost will be, I will have to do some serious saving up haha.

But I am seeing it as an investment as I will use it day to day in my business, not only for music production, but video editing, live streaming. Man I would love to be able to live stream at the same time as I produce music for example. That takes a LOT of CPU power let me tell you. So yeah, I would really love a Mac Pro for the expandability and to be able to use it for 8-10 years.

Well … I would have to sell my BMW to get a Mac pro here lol … but it’s true , you can get alot of mileage out of the Mac platform before upgrading …Mac os is well tweaked for their hardware and the performance is solid …my Mac runs an older 3.4 Gig 2600k i7 quad core and 32 gig of ram …no issues on Ableton, studio one and logic pro x … my 8th gen PC is also running these DAWS on Windows 10 and performance is comparable

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An update on how things are going with my new rig.

First, I’ve encountered my first glitch.

I’ve now had Play crash VEP. So the supposed stability you get from using a DAW with VEP is not completely rock solid. I had always suspected Play was the destabilizer with ProTools, and now it’s causing problems again.

Using a DAW with VEP does still help, as I can force-quit VEP only, leaving PT open. But then I have to reload all my samples.

I don’t have a solution yet. My dream of having all open at once is threatened.

Kontakt instruments are all solid so far.

In the meantime, I tried switching to Cubase and found it unworkable after 2 weeks. I’ve returned to Pro Tools.

I’ll add that the crash is very “soft.” First, the Play instrument starts behaving weirdly. It will play the first part of the sample that’s loaded into RAM but seems not to find the rest, the part that’s on the hard drive.

The rest of the instruments all keep behaving normally.

At this point, I can deactivate my Play instrument in VEP and continue working.

But if I try to re-activate it, I get a color wheel and VEP becomes unresponsive.

I may try some different workarounds. One possibility is, when a Play instrument goes wonky, to deactivate or even get rid of the entire VEP instance in which the instrument lives, then re-load the instance. Maybe memory-handling will be less confusing to the software if I do it that way?

The goal is to stay up and running without having to re-load the whole orchestra, which takes 15 minutes.