Oddo's river flows

Hello fellow composers. Gabriel here. I wanted to share with you my lates work for a game. (Sorry for my english I try to write as good as possible but Im from Argentina so my native language is spanish)

This song is a fantasy song for an elven forest scene with a river on it.

The scene is mobs free. You can take a quest there but there is not a place to fight so I wanted to make it calm. Like a scape to think and rest.

I used some old sound from a movie I recorded 5 years ago to get it in context and then I started with pizzicato violins. Then you can hear the main melody being played with an irish flute and then you can hear some more strings, a tambourine and a whistle.

I’m sorry if the description is too short, I just don’t like much to describe my tracks because I don’t want to influence the listener.

If I made anything wrong or you have any suggestion, please let me know. Also if you subscribe to my yt channel it would help me a lot. Thanks.