Nucleus by Audio Imperia - Your thoughts?

I’ve heard from some composers that this is their new favorite “all-in-on” orchestral library. But no one shared much details as for why? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have (or plan to get) Nucleus, what is so great about it?

I saw a short overview, but nothing too deep. I think they do really good stuff. If I could compare the library with another it’s maybe kind of “Orchestral Essentials” and “Symphobia”. One is big and and more orientation on big epic stuff, the other more compact but you can do normal orchestral and cinematic work as well. I really think that Jaeger is great. So this is more a lighter version of that and more natural sounding. I asked them to write a demo, but once again nobody has replied. I know everybody wants to do that, but I guess they don’t even hear your music at all. I send them a perfect example track for “Nucleus”, but nothing…

Never give up,
Alexey (JLX)

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What do you mean you sent them a perfect example track for Nucleus, you already made a track using this library?

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No @Mikael , I sent them a good example of a track which would fit nicely to that library if I could do a similar one. This library is good for adventure and overall soundtracks…

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I’ve no personal experience with it, but by looking at the demos and video walkthrough it looks like it’s easy to use straight out of the box - so less fiddling, tweaking, editing, etc. to get a good sound.

That might be why it’s a favourite for some?

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From some of the videos ive seen, out of the box it sounds pretty good. Some minor tweaking would maybe be in order, but overall it seems like it could contend with some higher end libraries in my templates. I havent pulled the trigger on buying it yet… Dunno if I will… What I have does the job…but i always enjoy a new addition to the Arsenal lol