Notion 6 device

Hi you all. I wonder if anyone here uses Notion 6 and if so do you have any experience with writing on a device with a pen? I have Notion 6 and wonder what devices is compatible when it comes to the pen. I’m looking at Ipad and Microsoft surface.

Hi @Fredrik!

I do have Notion but don’t work with it, as I don’t have project where I need to do notion for. I gave small workshops for people who needed help to get started with that. Besides Pen, I know that both devices should work fine. I would suggest you to go on into the forum of Presonus and ask there if there are people (orchestrators) who work with that on a daily basis.

In my opinion, Notion is the best when it comes to performing straight into the notion. If you set up the right setting it works amazing good comparing to all other notion softwares out there. But Notion has it’s limits too, so if you are going for biggest scores, I would suggest to export the XML file (I think it’s called like that) and go straight into Finale, as all professional orchestrators I know work with it. Or if you are on budget, MuseScore 3 is beautiful too. It’s very simple to use and gives you all the results you need.

Have a beautiful day!

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Thank you very much for your answer. I will be using Notion 6 when I’m traveling. Since I haven’t had any iPad I don’t know how they work with the pen so I wonder what model to look for.