Nostalgic Music Contest - Western Plains

I was planning on doing something more towards the romantic side originally, but got carried away by the piano chord progression in the intro, and decided to do something a bit more dramatic. Uncharted territory in foreign land… A bit of an exciting moment there, but all is well, and then comes a “good days” kind of theme, followed by a descant horn repeating the last bit, which then blooms into a more epic brass part.

I’m not sure how coherent it all is, but things just kind of followed naturally - and it’s not like I had time to analyze and rework anything. :slight_smile:

(From SoundCloud:)
Another quick job, as there’s been too much overtime and other distractions lately, so it’s a rather simple arrangement, and the mix is pretty much all baked reverb (or integrated IRs in the case of Infinite), apart from piano and pan flute.

Structure is basically ABA, preceded by a long intro. The main theme is the A section, with just a solo violin over a sparse arrangement the first time, and the full orchestra coming in the second time. The B section is an evolution of the last few notes of the main theme.

Rhythm is constantly marked by some combination of piano, harpsichord, and woodwinds.

Cubase Pro 10.5
Ozone 9

Infinite Woodwinds
Infinite Brass
Spitfire Solo Strings
Spitfire Chamber Strings
Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds
Spitfire Orchestral Percussion
CineBrass Descant Horn
Ravenscroft 275
OT Harpsichords
ISW Ventus Pan Flutes


As for emotional, beautiful music this is the best I´ve heard in a very, very,very long time. Of course music is a matter of taste and your way of writing really suites me. I´m out of words for the violin, perfect. This will be in my favorite playlist. Thanks for always deliver.

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I can also say, that in terms of orchestration this is a masterpiece. It has also a lot of Morricone vibes in it. Also from the mixing perspective I find it quite nice. Some passages appear a bit hectic to me so it loses a bit the emotion you want to transfer in there. But overall a solid track, and with the circumstances you had in the last week, there is absolutely nothing to worry about! Thank you for submitting this, sincerly yours


1:15 Ennio goes to The Shire :smiley:

A splendid track, don’t have much else to say.

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An authentic piece, perfect arranged.

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Wonderfull David. You always bring us a real present, it doesn’t matter the time you spend on it. Everything you create is bathed with your good taste. I belive that to create is the art of discard wisely, and you always choose the right piece of the puzzle in any crossroad.
AMAZING :raised_hands: