Nostalgic Music Contest- Nostalgia

  1. Nostalgia
  2. Abm key signature
  3. Tempo 65 bpm
  4. It is a mood to look back to the past. And this past is something special
    and it is a glorification. It is a past of imagination. A escape from the present time.
  5. cinematic studio strings, Cerebus, Forzo, Spitfire audio Solo Violin and Solo Cello,
    Metropolis Ark 2,


Wow, that’s a splendid, grand orchestration!

I like the dorian taste in the second segment, together with the first notes of the main theme is somewhat reminiscent of the Force theme by J. Williams.

Maybe can’t feel too much Morricone in it but it’s really a great track.

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It sounds well. Many sotps. In my opinion, it is a good piece to score an scene, but without a visual behind, has been difficult to fallow a conducting line.
Anyway instruments are well conected (except percusion after the stops).
Thank for sharing

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Really liking the atmosphere you manage to create with very few instruments in the first part, and the strong cinematic vibes of the piece overall.

The percussion rolls after the pauses don’t really fit in as far as playing and sound goes (even though Morricone did use a fair bit of “startling” percussion strikes!), but I like the idea. Meanwhile, the timpani roll around 1:40 sounds amazing in context! I think the other percussion rolls might work as is, if preceded by subtle timpani swells to create context for the final strikes.

All in all, great work!

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Great job Klaus. There are so many elements at work here. I actually liked the silent pauses; they had a good jarring effect. I maybe would have shortened them, but that’s just a personal taste. The solo violin parts were nicely done and gave it that nostalgic feeling for me.

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Thanks Matt for your nice comment and it is good to hear that you like it.

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