No Sound on Sine Player in Logic Template (SOLVED)

Hi there. I ran into an issue tonight and I was about to give up when I stumbled onto a strange fix, so I thought I’d share it.

I had set up a template in Logic with an Orchestral Tools library called Arbos on a couple of the tracks. Arbos is a drum library that has a lot of “instruments” with about an octave of samples each. I didn’t want to have a long list of tracks just for all of the Arbos instruments I wanted, so I loaded several of them to a single track within Sine Player. Sine Player allows you to slide the samples around the keyboard, so I could put one instrument at the C1 octave, another at the C2 octave, and so on. Then just setting all of them to “omni” for the midi channel in Sine Player allows me to play them all with one Logic track.

So far so good. Saved that template a few days ago. Tonight I started a project from that template. When I activated that track to play Arbos with Sine Player there was no sound. I opened Sine Player and all of the instruments were still in place, still set to omni, and I could see the midi input while I pressed the keys, just no sound. Loaded Arbos in a new track and it works fine. Go back to the original track and still nothing.

Eventually I found that, if I change the midi channel in Sine Player from omni to anything else and then back to omni it works. Seems like a Sine Player bug. I’m probably using it in an unconventional way, so this might be an edge case. I haven’t tried saving just a single Arbos instrument in a template track and seeing if it loads fine. But that’s all. Just switching the midi channel to something else and then back fixed the problem. Hope this helps someone. Long story is long. Goodnight.

I’ve had the same thing. Very frustrating. But found the same solution. Def a bug in there I’m sure they can easily fix.