NI Komplete-Start

Hi Everyone,
I went to native instruments website to see what what it cost :open_mouth:

So I still went digging further

And I came across a free product
Call Komplete-Start

So I was wondering before I even think about downloading this I was wondering has anyone else have ?
is it really free and what is the catch ?

Hi @bcraig,

it’s 100% free. I believe you need to download their installer, where all the VSTs are, NI Manager, and just download everything to get started. The whole bundle is a lot of money, but actually 10000% worth it as you get so much of great plugs it’s impossible to check out everything they’ve made. I think if you combine all the plugs separated (price) they are like 10k+€ or so. I believe there is no better way to start making serious music.

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile:


I agree, Native Instruments have got a lot of complaints lately, and perhaps their support is as bad as some people say. But the value of the Komplete bundle is still amazing imho.


Oh boy this Process looks crazy:crazy_face:

Step1. I created a new account

OK I found out what Step 2. is DOWNLOAD NATIVE ACCESS

Ok That went well

I watch the video and do not understand why they have a Download Location and a Content Location is that the same thing ?

I understand the Application Location that get install on HD


I get so nervous :grimacing:with this crazy software instalations

Well I found this video if anyone that so very new to this
is having a difficult time
this shows you step by step on how to install

Setting Install Locations in Native Access