NEWS: SoundCrafters finally Launched

Hello Music Creators, Mike here! :slight_smile:
I am super excited to finally launch my new brand and website, focusing on sound design and resources for music composers and producers.

Check it out here:

Video Launch Trailer:


Congrats Mike on this new project.
I wish you all the best with it!

Sincerely yours,

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Thanks Michael, 3 months work went into this, so I hope it all works out for me! :smiley:

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Great Mike. I will be hungry for your articles. :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks Vicente! :slight_smile:
The focus is mainly on sound design etc. on this new website, since those are the products I sell there.

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It is a topic i am really keen on today.
A complementary important skill we all should master to broaden our bussines and competences.


Congrat< :slight_smile:

Since you’re doing sound design… I guess it would be really interesting if you create a section for videogame sound design… that’s a niche that heavily needs a lot of different effects and it might add to the visibility of the project :slight_smile:


Ah yes, I have thought about it Luca, but I am not sure exactly what types of sound packs video game devs want the most. GUI sounds, foley fx, transition sounds, stingers? :slight_smile:

I’d say all of them? XD monster sounds, hits, sword clashing, magic firing, impacts… it would really take a lot to write all of them down :stuck_out_tongue: I think I somewere have a pack I got on a promotion once that has something like 2000 different effects for games inside :stuck_out_tongue:

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2000 sound effects?! Wow, that would take me forever to create lol. Monster sounds, like grunts and growls?

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Yep… can be growls… can be very thin voices like for example imps… but of course it’s not limited to to monster sounds… shoots, swords hitting armor, steps… I think that sound design for games is kind of like sound design for movies… almost unlimited in what could ever be needed :slight_smile:

Like, just for something simple… just the other day I was wondering if it was possible to achieve a “rain” or “waterfall” sound effect by messing around with white noise in a synt.

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Looks nice Mikael!
Wish you all the best with your new project!

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Thank you Stephan, sound design is a huge passion for me, so this new adventure is very natural as an expansion of my business. :slight_smile:

Nice ideas Luca, and yes I agree. There’s millions of different sounds effects you can use in video games! :smiley:

Congratulations on this project of yours! I hope that it will work out as you would like it to work out! :muscle:

I am building some new websites for me too, and it takes just so much time to make it work…but when it’s done, I will be just super happy :slight_smile:

By the way, I like that you have split your ideas to more than one single site. I can work out, but it depends on who other people “see” you, I believe. But if you put everything into one, and say like: “Hey, here is my music service, here is my sound service, here is my sound design service, and here is my shop where you can buy some bananas too…” People who will visit the site and don’t know who you are will don’t understand why you offer them a “Bazar” if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

So that’s why I bought some domains and split “myself” apart, so every domain really focuses on only one specific thing. It just takes some time to put everything together and make the Wordpress work, haha.

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Thanks Alexey,
Yes I thought for a long while about it, but finally decided to build a new brand and website for this focus. Which domains did you buy, are you going to make more websites now too? :slight_smile:

I’ll share it later, when they are ready for public. I can only tell that the domain names are pretty cool, as I took the time to find a perfect brand name. Some people couldn’t believe that they were still available. However, it’s still tells nothing, because you can have the best domain name, but if nobody knows about it, no business can be made. But if people know that, they’ll remember you quickly and will come back if they’ve liked your service .

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Hello Guys,
even if I am drifting here off a bit, but instead of registering new domains, you should consider Landing Pages in the style of Composing 4.0 (everything is 4.0 in the meanwhile)
So you have your Personal Brand (As I have learned that a name and a personal contact is one of the most important things) and behind that the topic you are advertising. For examlpe you have or… You get the Idea.
For your customers is clear, that he is at your page, and knows what product you want to advertise but still have reflection to your person.
Just let me know if I can help in terms of Software Development,
Sincerely yours, Michael


Thanks for your message @Seven_Tears Michael!

1.) Well, I think that you are totally right when it comes down to SEO etc. but I personally do it not because of SEO reasons, but for separating different business ideas. And I don’t think that it’s something “strange” if, for example, you say “if you interested in this, go to website XY, and if you are more into this go to XYZ…”

The most important thing is that you have one Website where people know to 100% that you are there, your personal site, your YouTube Channel, etc. with time people will still know what different things you have to offer, and if not, everything is still on the site that drives them there. I know it’s better for SEO, but I just don’t want to do everything on one Website as I do it now. Drives me crazy, haha. And I personally think that my website-names are much cooler than for example,, they really are when I will publish them soon.

2.) Every website has the option to add an “About” page, so if someone is interested “who you are”, they can read about.

3.) What I have learned over the past months is, that most people don’t really care about “you”, they care about the product or service that you offer first. After a while, you are more important to them, than your product, but it takes a long time to get there, to actually be a “hype” as a person & brand.

So I decided to split everything apart, to not get confused, and every page will get an “about” page where people read about who is behind that site if they don’t know already.

The most important thing is still being present and let people know that you are still there to support your site, product, and so on. But SEO is still something that I need to learn more about, but first things first :slight_smile:

The legend expands his legend-ness!! :smiley:

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