Newest track: Levvo - Progression

New to this forum but love the whole idea of sharing critisism and helping eachother in the music industry! So this is my latest track Progression. And the name is mostly from this song being a huge learning experience for me as a composer. New tools and new experiences. ^^ Hope you enjoy!

The track is composed by me and stem mastered by BlackArtAudio under my directions.

Progressive Rock

Creative Vision for the Track:
Well, as an old drummer and being new to playing around with proper VST’s this was a playful boy playing around with his new toys, haha. So the vision was to try and entertain with an instrumental only song by using rythm and interesting guitar harmonies. This is also my first track ever to be stem mastered by a professional sound engineer so it’s been quite the learning experience!

Don’t know what else to say! :smiley: … Went for a semi-gloomy progressive sound with some happy touches here and there. All I wanted in the end was to make people move their head to the rythm and be a thrown off from time to time. =D

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
Honestly I’m not sure. It’s in normal 120 bpm but I never take much notice when it comes to keys or chords, I just play what sounds pleasant to my ears :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Main Instruments used:
8Dio BlackBird (Drums)
Shreddage 3 Hydra (Guitar)
Shreddage 3 Percision (Bass)


Wow, great track Mattias. Those Shreddage libraries sound damn good. I can barely play my own guitar music since my little fingers are shorter and crooked than a normal person’s so maybe I should look into those libraries. Do they use a lot of RAM?

The opening had a bit of a Dorian sound to it which was really cool and overall the whole thing sounded like Angel Vivaldi, if you’ve ever listened to him. Sounds like there’s some synth pads used for harmony?

Totally dig it!

Well I have a rather old computer and takes me like 10-15 minutes to load in all that, but most of it is the 8Dio BlackBird I think. But yea they take some for sure. ^^

They have insane potential thuogh, you can do so much with em with a bit of imagination! So i’d deffo have a look at em! =)

I’ve never been much for music theory so never heard about dorian before, but you might be right. Took a listen to Angel Vivaldi and I can only take that as a compliment! Heh.

Thanks for the feedback and listen Matt! ^^

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