New Trailer Hits Library!

Hey everyone!

I hope that you had an amazing Christmas and that you are enjoying a good, well deserved break with your families in this very challenging and difficult times.

Today I have released a new kontakt library that gives you an introduction to adding Hits, Booms and hybrid hits into your tracks. (Below is the description of the library)

This library consists of everything from heavy booms, too blistering loud and deep hybrid Hits. The Kontakt Instrument has been mapped out so that you can play multiple hits at once, and then add your wooshes in later, where the WAV files include the wooshes. This helps work flow and speeds up your creativity.

You will notice that the Kontakt library has been designed to mimic multiple dynamic layers so that you can play multiple velocities in at varying loudness and the timbre gets brighter as you play harder. Theres also a warmth function built into the Mod wheel so that you can add more fatness as and when you need it. This has been added because often a track (be it trailer or epic) will want to build as time goes on, so you might need more weight in the climax, but not in the introduction or building section.

Theres also a few thuds/subs included at the bottom part of your keyboard in every patch. In louder sections you can play these along with your desired hit to add even more weight… Plus is you play a different thud every time you play a hit you’ll add more realism to your Hits.

I haven’t got around to adding the Demo pieces yet but ill be uploading them in the next day or so. until then though, you can join my Twitch streams to see me use the library in practice. ill be going live tomorrow (boxing day) so if you subscribe youll get a notification when I’m on air.

Twitch -

But i would just like to say a personal thank you to every one of you who has supported me so far, and continues to support me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Here is the walkthrough and demo - price is pay what you want or think it’s worth (suggested £25 but as low as £10)

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But what I really want to know, is did you record any samples of you actually hitting trailers? :grin: Seriously though, cool Kontakt instrument! I’ll have to have a go at it maybe this weekend. Even though I’m so bad at trailer music

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The funny thing is I’d never heard that joke before, but today I’ve heard it 7 times already :joy: the joke is going viral :stuck_out_tongue:

Trailer music is just about work flow… trying to keep creativity high is key, just like any composition really… if you have tools that make it quick then that’s what makes you carry on. I’ve tried (and hopefully succeeded) to create a vst here that lets you switch out hits quickly, while also letting you fix the machine gun issue that you get even in huge libraries for trailer like keepforest.

I’d be so interested to hear what you make if you get around to it! :smiley:

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