NEW TRACK: You Better Look Twice (For A Ring On Their Finger)

Genre/Style: Dark Funk

Creative Vision for the Track:

In addition to just being catchy & fun - I’ve been wanting to find something to use that baseline for for years - I was inspired by a conversation I was having with someone where they mentioned how it sucks when you fall for someone only to learn they’re married and playing you as a game. My vocal recording gear sucks so it’s instrumental, but The lyrics are all about cooling your jets and making sure you know them before starting anything and how things can go bad for you if you’re too impulsive.

So the tune is supposed to carry that fun beat, that tempts you to enjoy the darkness but with the gritty weight of the moral of the story which is - don’t give in to temptation and get to know someone better before rushing in.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): C major, 120 tempo.

Main Instruments used:

Using GarageBand as per-usual,

2 Rock Guitars
1 Classic Guitar
2 Picked Bass
1 Grand Piano
5 Scream Synth (alternating and supporting bass)
1 Chip Tune (Backing up the Cream Synth)
Liverpool Drum Kit played manually on Keyboard (which is why it may sound funny sometimes)

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Very Fun Ian! :+1: Really unique style, with a cool video game-ish sound to it with chip tune bits (no pun intended :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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Thank you for listening to my track Matt! I didn’t think anything of Video Games when I made it, but now that you’ve said it ALL I can see is some Beat’Em Up side scroller like Streets of Rage :rofl:

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Haha! That’s the exact image I was thinking :laughing: