New track - Walking into the Night

So I’ve not had chance to add any of my music on here yet but here’s a fun colab I did earlier.

My Creative Goal for the Music:
Myself and Composer Sam Griffths sat down in an attempt to write a piano piece with other elements within two hours. We had a lot of fun but it was quite interesting to put our ideas together and then perform it in such a way that created movement in the music, and not just texturally.

Main Instruments/Sounds:
The main instrument is Piano and soft orchestral backing.

Track Insights & Final Notes
libraries used include
The Grandeur
British Drama Toolkit
Spitfire Studio strings
eDNA Earth
Action Strikes

Logic stock EQ
Scheps Omni Channel
Mix Centric
R24 (NI)
Abbey Roads Chamber
Supercharger GT.

Walking Into The Night


Nice track ! i enjoyed listening it ! ^^

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Seems to be a good track for a scene in which a loving couple walking hand in hand in a quiet city with subdued lighting. The moon is out, and the crickets are chirping.


Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it! Bit of fun, I don’t usually get time to write in omissions pieces so this little fun project was a lot of fun!!

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This was exactly the thought process we would have had if we picked the name first John :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it was mainly a play and see what comes Out job :wink: thank you the feedback!

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I really like it a lot. Nicely played and every sound works well togheter!

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Hey Geoffrey,

That’s a nice composition. I felt really relaxed listening to it. I also think that you have applied a nice dynamic here.

Keep up the great work.

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Hey, thank you!

I find it’s better to keep it simple and do the simple stuff well for things like this. I’m glad you picked up on that detail. Thank you again!

I really appreciated it :slight_smile: especially the use of violins harmonics

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Thank you Nicola! I used spitfire studio strings harmonics for that :slight_smile:

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That is a nice track. It sounds very peaceful and gentle.

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Really glad you think so. It was a colaboration so we both tried to create something in the moment :slight_smile:

Liked it a lot. Was it flatuando from Spitfire?

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Quite a few spitfire libraries. A mix of drama toolkit, various patches from studio strings, the Grandeur piano NI, and Action strikes patches.