New Track : Space Tronik

hello here is my last composition in an electronic style inspired by the sound of jarre and kraftwerk
i use a scale for this composition C, D, F G
the tempo is 144bpm
about the instrumentation there is vst instrument and hardware synth
hardware : korg 03RW and arturia microfreak for the vocoder
vst inst : roalndcloud tr606,TR808, korg minipop, arturia analog lab for the voice of fairlight and mellotron
uvi minimoog, KV331 synthmaster

i start this composition by testing some sound, thein i have found a tune with synth sound and a sequenced synth bass
rythmics come next, with pad and in the end it comes the fx and vocoder

thanks for listening


That was stellar. A model piece in a lot of ways. For some constructive help after only one listening at this point I think you might have added more dynamics, I don’t recall hearing a drop, personally I love to add chromaticisms and maybe modal interchange for some twists and dissonances and would try to make some more sophisticated rhythms for your motifs. But as it stands a really fun piece that calls for repeated listening and I think you accomplished what you set out to do and it was very instructive for me. Thanks for posting and great job!!


thanks a lot for your feedback and advices

If you have a chance would really appreciate if you would give me some advice on this piece. Would be really interested in knowing if you like it, would be very help. Advice given to me here on the forum has been great for my development as a composer. Thanks!


hey great track, here is my little feedback :slight_smile:
but the first thing i can say after some listening is that there is a little problem about the balance and everything sound stereo you could use automation on the PAN L/R to create some movement of the sound, another point at 0’21 the transition could be softer when the ostinato or little arpeggio comes in, at 1’01 when the rythme comes in, here you can if it is possible change the PAN on the breath sound, on the left,the on the right , the right to left etc… i think it will bring something interresting in the rythme, you can also add some variation on the rythme at 1’22 just before the lead comes in add a break and repreat the rythme of the begining with some variation on the snare by example instead of having just 4 bar, here check the balance the bass is a little too loud, and also the pad at 1’32, same thoing at 2’51 when the pad comes in again, it covers the lead, at 3’16 the rythme disapear suddenly, you can change that by make a rythme with just the bass drum and the hithat going in decrescendo to 3’18, at 3’22 it is a good idea to repeat the same motiv of the begining but i think you can add something to make the transition better. i hope that can help or can give you some idea.
i am not a pro you know, i am just passionnate in music and synth.
what DAW do you use ? what synth or vst you have used for this track ? is it samples ? kontakt instrument ?
well done for your track and good job

thanks!! Studio One, i have a bunch of synths but used the native presonus synths presence, impact and mai tai.!! Great suggestions, appreciate it.

studio is very good, it looks like cubase , very intuitive DAW

Studio One has some great native synths, great workflows, great features and I would not use any other DAW except maybe GarageBand. I aso have Band in a Box and export tracks. I am in heaven here because this is the most fun I’ve ever had.

Florent, again your work amazes me! Edgy, but pleasant. Almost hypnotic. I can’t even name the sounds I was hearing, but it was great - and this is something I would never have chosen to listen to outside of this site.

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