New Track: Pixel Beach

Genre/Style: Tropical island bossa nova 8bit-esque track with nostalgic memories.

Creative Vision for the Track: I wanted to create a track that infinitely loops for ‘use’ (no one is hiring yet lol) on video game media. It’s a bossa nova drawing on "the Girl from Ipanema’ as the harmonic movement.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Key is Db, Temp 166. Typical bossa nova chords; I6 - II9 - ii9 - V7, that kind of thing.

Main Instruments used: I went nuts using the esx24’s (now sampler) Latin kit backed up with Ultrabeat for the drums and lots of Plogue’s chipsounds to create the 8bit synths from scratch, pretty easy as it’s mostly basic waves with a slight PW mod. Also used Alchemy for some of the other choir and percussion sounds. There is a hardly noticeable Arturia Piano V2 backing up the esx24 nylon guitar sounds, just filling up the lower end.