New Track Dreams come True

Title : Dreams come True Creative Vision: This music shows about Our Dreams come True. It starts with dim light of mood and ends with bright mood

Overview: It is in C Major with 2/4 and starts with sustain pads.The theme starts and ends with a little rise

Main sounds :The most of the tones is from ES2,Lead Guitar from Nexus and Mach5 violins
You Tube link :


I enjoyed your track. The various instruments gel together nicely and the transitions between section feel natural and balanced.
Well done! :+1:
Regards, Adrian.

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I really like the title and the picture(s) you have chosen :slight_smile:

The selection of your sounds is amazing. Keep up that great work!
Sicerely yours

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Really enjoyed it! Made me think about an old video game called King’s Quest where the soundtrack on the remastered versions has that kind of feel.

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I like it very much. Your sounds selection brings me the old flavour of the first electronic times (Eric Serra, Tomita, Starink, Ray Lynch).
You always amaze me with your personal style. Great piece.

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Thanks for your nice comment

Thank you very much for your appreciation

Thanks a lot Yesterday I heard the sound track of the game .Yes You are correct Thanks again

Thank you very much for your great comment that encourages me. Thanks again

You chose some interesting synth sounds, I really like it. I can easily imagine this being used in some promo video - perhaps in a model home center or such!

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Thanks for your nice comment and what you imagine is very correct