NEW TRACK: Cyber Criminal (a driving baseline)

Genre/Style: Trance

Creative Vision for the Track: My second work on my computer, still trying to get the full hang of GarageBand. While more energetic, it still has the darker tone my music usually carries. Any thoughts or comments will be helpful & appreciated as always.

This time, a driving baseline that brings to mind a chase in a cyberpunk-esque kind of world. Dark in tone but also fun, the baseline is the real spirit of the track.

The slow intro is to be misleading as the base kicks in - like you get jumped by “The Cyber Criminal” then the rest is the chase or escape, depending on which perspective you want to view it from. :slight_smile:

It was tricky for me to record as the synth has an annoying slap in it instead of being smooth unless you hold a lower note down the entire track. GarageBand also hit me with a glitch is has where it will forget how to stop a track on export and adds 12 seconds to the end of it. I could not fix this with my set-up.

The baseline was the core of this piece, I added the other elements as icing to help carry it but I’m not 100% sure if I like them.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): g# min, 4/4, 120

Main Instruments used: 5 Synth Bass (x4 Agile, x1 Heavy) / 4 synth pads (x2 Ocean Sun, x1 Icy, x1 Currents) / 2 Bright Strings / 3 Liverpool bass and a Wurlitzer piano.

The Agile Bass Synths were the trickiest part, as I mentioned the instrument has a “slap” effect on every note unless a lower note is sustained for the entire track.

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I’m starting a post-punk goth dark project. I’m recording via GarageBand in my MacBook guitars and bass in line 6 ux2. I bought a midi keyboard because I want to add synthesizers to my projects.
I am new in garageband. Someone suggested to me that Hybrid 3 is a great place to start… there is a lot of trance stuff to sort past, but a very solid amount of dark 80s and 90s can be found easily