New track Alone at Home

Creative Vision :This track was to show that Loneliness made us to do something special

Title: Alone at Home

Composition Overview: It starts in C minor with usual chord changes.It is in 2/4 with 114 tempo

Main sounds: Piano,Guitar, Flutes, Violins and Cello

Youtube Link


Great composition. Your midi instruments sound so realistic too.

I couldn’t work this out, was the video mini video clips or just made to look like that by zooming in and out on still pictures?

Thanks a lot I made video with still pictures with IMovie I thank Professional for sharing our music


Thank you for replying, it was really puzzling me. I thought the music was beautifully synced to the video.

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Very nice, it has a warm sound. I like the addition of the recorder. Very catchy melody!

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Thank you very much for your nice comment

Beautifull piece. I feel this loneliness in your song, more like an “uncertainty” feeling, interesting view.

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I thank you very much for your beautiful comment