Water, Metal, Glass and Stone. Unique and strange sounding instruments now SYNCHRON-ized.
Over 12 GB of samples with many interesting instruments and different articulations:
Glass harmonica, Verrophone, Musical glasses, Bottles, Tam XXL, Tam-tams, Rails, Bass Waterphone, Waterphone, Thunder Sheets, Japanese Singing Bowls, Crotales, Grande Lithophone, Orff Lithophone, Ocean Drums, Bull Roarer, Spring Drum, Cuica, Waldteufel, Lions Roar.

In addition to these instruments our sound experts and engineers created a wide variety of FX Presets, resulting in 24 newly created instruments by combining different Elements.

Listen to the Demos!

Introductory Price: 195€
List Price: 290€

Upgrade from VI Elements Standard: 85€ (regular: 120€)
Upgrade from VI Elements Full: 25€ (regular: 40€)
Upgrade discounts from Single Instruments Bass Waterphone, XXL Tam-tam, Lithophone, Glass Instruments available.

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