New Sad Ambient piece, "Lost Loves"

A very slow piece, only 25 BPM. I thought I’d try my hand at an ambient piece after viewing Mike’s course on ambient music in Udemy.

I thought it would be a nice challenge to compose in C Dorian mode. It’s a bit sad, bittersweet, but not depressing.

I used the glockenspiel, sweep pad, and the warm pad that comes with the software, Melody Assistant. (It’s by Myriad software, a much more capable package than Musescore)

I also used the Alpha-Ray synth vst for strings, and bells in the DAW, LMMS.

Than did the final mixing in Audacity.

This is a first attempt at Ambient music for me, but it seems to fit the bill for a sad scene.


Synth pad sounds quite brass like. I’d be tempted to use a lot more reverb on pads and lead and perhaps overall. Sounds a bit clinical at the moment. Pads could do with a bit more movement. Perhaps try adding some effects sends - try chorus, LFO, or if you have it something like Output movement or Tantra or something that adds something over time or bus to different reverbs panned differently and automate panning or wet dry mix.

You can always pick up a free copy of Cakewalk by signing up to bandlab ( assuming your using a PC) if your struggling for a DAW that has aux and buses etc. Not sure if Audacity supports plugins.

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this is a good track for ambiant style
if i can make some suggestion :
you don’t need to put a tempo at 25bpm you can fix it at 50 by example and play slowly
as regard your sound, the pad is very good perhpas with a little more reverb
for the melody played by the glockenspiel i suppose, instead of playing just one note you can play two or all of the note of the triad, let me explain, the first time if you are on C you can play E then C, or G then C or G then E with a little echo, and when you change the chord you change the note if you are on G use all note the chord and don’t forget that you can also use the 7th, the 6th the 9th
good job for your composition