New orchestral composition written with some oriental harmony

My recent mid tempo orchestral composition with three parts. The first part is written in chromatic mediants G# maj, B major, D major and back to G# major.

The second part, the slow one with only strings playing, has a complex harmony with modulations in C# min.

In orchestration I went for a bit of piano, kalimba, woodwinds and low strings. I also used duduk and celli and violas in the rhythmic parts.


When I go for a walk, I like to be surprised by new sights just around the corner.
Your music is like a glorious walk.

Regards, Adrian

Nice song. It sounds very oriental so you did a great job.

It’s very different to what I usually listen to! To be honest I preferred the parts that were less oriental with the piano and strings but then that’s just a matter of taste! Anyways this is still magnificent as I really love your use of woodwinds!

Thank you for listening! I am just exploring various genres

I am exploring various genres and harmonies and orchestrations…you may like parts of it, find it interesting or not… as you said it is matter of taste. You may listen more at