New one - Among the Elohim

Genre/Style: Mixture of New Age / Classical / Stu Stuff
Creative Vision for the Track: Angel Voice with a tinge of tension - In the halls of the Elohim
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 90bpm, e dorian, mostly two part with some breaks added for breath. Changing colors alot,
Main Instruments used: Kontakt instruments - Noire Piano, the Orchestra 2, Clavinet, Tubular Bells, Orchestral Toms, Vocal Phrasing, All virtual instruments.

Hello ProComp Family - Sharing my latest draft number for your review / listening pleasure (well, I hope so). Had fun with this one - really quick putting this together - didn’t agonize so much this time on each section. Just flowed with with it - Really like the vocal part, it juxtaposes the motion of everything else. Almost done with this one however thought I would share early.

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Sounds great Stuart! Really love the Dorian mode; it’s epic, emotive, inspirational and a bit dark all at once. Was the vocal phrases from the Conny Kollet phrase library by any chance? I happen to be using that in my newest piece and it very much sounded like that library. Really great sounding vocals!


Good morning, Matt - Yes! That is Conny Kollet from Sonuscore’s Lyrical Phrases series - really love her voice - very pure and instantly recognizable. Appreciate you taking the time to listen - I am now in tweaking mode with the tune and should have a final by this weekend.