NEW: I Could Be Your Fortress - Requlous (And it's NOT rock!)

Genre/Style: Classical / Folkish Ballad

Creative Vision for the Track: Trying to capture that feeling when you see someone you care about that’s always being hurt, and you wish you could make them see that you’d never hurt them if they’d trust you - so you gently and slowly try to make them see that you could be their fortress. The music is supposed to be in conflict a bit - but I don’t know if some may find it too much in conflict. To reflect two different people involved.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): C Maj - 4/4 - 120 Tempo - Putting the Rock Guitar to bed for a bit to get back to my slower pieces.

Main Instruments used: 3 3-Piece String Ensembles, 2 Clarinets, a Grand Piano, a Wulitzer piano, 2 Acoustic Guitars, a Classic Guitar, a Stratosphere Synth and (bongos of all things) chilling in the background carrying the beat in certain parts.

I just kept recording 1 layer after another until I was satisfied - as is my custom.