New Homeward Bound Rendition

Genre/Style: Stu Interpretation
Creative Vision for the Track: New rendition of Marta Keen’s Homeward Bound. Originally composed as a SATB piece, I redid it with some talented vocalists from Ukraine and Peru. Somewhat Vangelisy, Somewhat EDM, very catchy
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 60 Bpm / Eb Major - Expanded original score somewhat but generally follows Marta’s original.
Main Instruments used: Real Vocals / real Bass Guitar / A collection of Arturia instruments / CS-80 / Fender Rhodes / UJAM Kandy Drums

Hope you enjoy - feedback appreciated

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This is very nice but I wouldn’t class it as “Modern Electronic”. It’s folk music.

Hi Andrew - Yeah, I have a hard time trying to classifying my stuff. The original of this was a Chorus Piece and I 've heard it in various versions, although none with all Electronica instruments as I’ve tried to do. Suppose I should just come up with my own category!

haha I have the same problem - I don’t know what half of the genres are!
I’m not too keen on pigeon-holing music anyway. Nice track - that’s what matters.
best, Andrew

That’s a wonderful rendition Stu!
I’m not super familiar with the tune but one of the reasons it is hard to categorize as electro is how melodic and musical it is and that it is in 3/4… It deserves its own category. Celtic Electro ?
Thanks for sharing your work

Celtic Electro ---- hmmmm…I like that - let’s start a new Genre!