New Draft Tune - Joanna's Waltz

Genre/Style: Psuedo String Quartet with a twinge of madness and some Tom Waits Frank’s Wild Years-like Percussion.

Creative Vision for the Track: Waltz for Joanna of Castile, the Mad Queen See this article about her

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 100bpm, g minor, binary verse and chorus with an interesting descending chromatic bridge. Main motif is a struggle between tonic and dominant 7th. Threw in a Richard Strauss Zarathustra Organ for fun.

Main Instruments used: All Virtual - Kontakt The Orchestra, Noire Piano, Percussion/Celeste, EastWest Solo Violin, ToonTrack Twisted Drums, Omnisphere Boy’s Choir, Arcade Distance Choir, and, of course, a couple of bars of Mini Moog because I love that thing!

Here’s the link: Joanna’s Waltz

Joanna’s Waltz by KodoDojo (

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This is fantastic Stuart! I really love these kind of Goth/Noir “slow descent into madness” sounding pieces. Really fit the story well.


What Matt said! The waltz had a sort of weight to it that wouldn’t allow it to become happy and lighthearted. Cool blend of orchestral sounds with the thick sounding drums.


Thanks!! Really appreciate all the feedback.