New Composition - There is Life

Genre/Style: ?

Creative Vision for the Track: I initially intended to write a choral piece, but ended up extending the instruments to be: Modern Choirs, String Quartet, Solo Woodwinds & Piano

My hope is that this piece is received as a statement of beauty, and that it moves people in a positive way. Please let me know if it does or not!

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): In the key of D Major, with just a few chromatic notes - which is unusual for me!

Main Instruments used: as above


Wow, this is really nice. Hear shades of Jarrett and Chic juxtaposed against the ethereal background.

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Thank you so much!

It is very much appreciated to get some positive feedback.

Thank you.

I like this piece - it makes me think of anime’s like Macross Plus & Angel Egg or like the alien sequences from Abyss. It’s an eerie blending of beauty with unsettling, which I can TOTALLY get behind.

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Thank you so much. So glad you like it.

It hit me what genre this would be - Acid Ambience :rofl:

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Wow - that’s the first time ‘Acid’ was ever linked to my music! Lol!

(actually that’s not true! Someone told me recently I must have been on acid when I wrote some of my music, or being on it would help them enjoy it!!)

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