New Composition: "Symphony of the Barking Spiders"

Hello all!

Here is my latest composition, “Symphony of the Barking Spiders” The style is dark, evil boss music. So, this composition came about by a request of sorts from a coworker of mine. They had this title in their head and asked if I’d write some music to fit it. I accepted as it sounded a bit fun, and as you can see by the title, it wasn’t meant to be too serious. But, I had two initial ideas and they said they were thinking boss music, so that’s what I went with, and it ended up a bit serious anyway :laughing:

So the inspiration was to write something of a march for the spider boss and his minions; the barking spiders may seem a bit goofy, but don’t underestimate their evil plans!

The piece alternates between C minor and G minor and I created two themes; one melodic that I vary throughout and there is also a rhythmic theme that concurrently plays throughout. Mostly in 4/4 time at 116bpm (a la marcia).

Instruments/plugins used: Cinematic Studio Strings and CS Woodwinds, Abbey Road One and BBCSO for brass and percussion and doubling some string parts, PreSonus Room Reverb, iZotope Ozone 9

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Good work. Way to add lots of extra elements softly behind the main focus which adds interest and changes keeping the focused line not sounding repetitive. Also very well done changing to different themes, orchestrations, and dynamics. Keeps it an interesting and lively piece. Good job thanks for sharing it.

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Great piece! I love the melodic and rhythmic themes! Very catchy! Makes me think of something Danny Elfman might compose.
Just for me personally, I would love to hear a little more “oomph”, particularly in the percussion and brass.
But I’m a drummer and trumpet player, so no surprise there! :^)


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Thanks for taking a listen Matthew, glad you liked it.

Thanks for the comments Steven. I appreciate that you mention it sounding a bit like Danny Elfman, as that was partly my goal, so it is a big confidence builder if I got it right!