New Composition - Reflections

This is my second submission to the forum, I hope you like it!

These couple of themes came to me as I was out walking my dog in the woods. I wanted to put into sound how I feel when I’m out walking in nature and how reflective it can be for me.

Genre/Style: Ambient/Reflective

Creative Vision for the Track: Walking in nature

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Gm/Cm - 103bpm

Main Instruments used: Loads

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Whenever I listen to someone’s music here on the forum and they list their creative vision, I always listen with their stated vision in mind and, IMHO, you definitely achieved your creative vision - especially with your use of the piano and vocals

I like the lo-fi effect on the vocals - sounds like you sampled it from a vinyl recording

Were the drums made to resemble stepping on twigs/branches in the woods?

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Thanks again Doug, I really appreciate that! I’m going to spend a little bit of time working on defining the transitions of the sections a bit more and getting a couple of variations in the piano chords and the string sections :smiley:

You’re absolutely right! The drums are meant to sound like broken twigs and branches, the whole tempo is set around the rhythm that I typically walk at.

Thanks again for listening,


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