NEW: BBO: Dorado and Eridanus

Ready for more announcements and cool, new products? Get ready for BBO: Dorado and Eridanus!

Up to six percussionists per setup, recorded with many microphone positions in our beautiful Synchron Stage in Vienna!
The instruments are recorded in three groups and the overheads as well as the individual instrument signals are available separately in the Synchron Player’s mixer, so you can mix your sound. And don’t forget to check out the mixer-presets for even more punch in your mix…

Make use of the new time-stretching feature of our Synchron Player and link the percussion loops to your DAW - and they work perfectly with the Symphonic Riffs we published with BBO: Capricorn last month.

BBO: Dorado introductory sale: € 65 (regular: € 95)
BBO: Eridanus introductory sale: € 50 (regular: € 75)