New Apple Studio Mac--Apple hasn't forgotten us after all!

Well, I just stopped at my local Apple Store, as I’ve been in the process of finally getting a new Mac, but as I’ve been trying to decide on a new M1 Mac Mini, or an new iMac with the older Intel chips, but having to shell out extra $$$$ for the needed RAM and storage, I see that as of March 18, Apple are releasing a new Mac, Mac Studio, specifically built for doing creative work, like video creating/editing, 3-D modeling and music composition/production.

The base model starts at $2000, but that comes with 32gb unified memory through a 10-core Apple M1 MAX chip, upgradeable to 64gb. 512gb SSD upgradeable to 8tb. 4-6 Thunderbolt ports, 2 USB 3/4 ports, HDMI port, ethernet port and headphone jack.

They are also releasing their own high-end, separate monitors (if you’ve got extra cash to burn) for use with Mac Mini and Mac Studio, which itself has additional Thunderbolt and USB ports.

I glad I have been waiting this past year+ for sample library makers to update to run on the M1 chips as now I’ve got the option of this new studio-specific Mac. What do you all think?

I think it’s an awesome option price and power wise for the future of media makers. We have to remember that macs are primarily film making machines, which you can also make music on. Of course you have to think about compatibility, if you are running many 3rd party plugins, I think it’s worth waiting about 2-3 years before moving your main studio computer to m1. I am very curious however about using Vienna Ensemble Pro with an m1 system to drive more power to the setup!

In summary though, my (and many others) previous option to step up from an iMac Pro, would be the Mac Pro, which would cost $13,000-$14,000 for the same power as the $4,000 mac studio. That is an incredible saving of money that I would have to spend later down the track as I move up. So i’m grateful that these options are opening up, compatibility has been moving MUCH faster than the 32-bit to 64-bit transition. I’ve been told by some devs that the DTK (Developer Transition Kit) CAN do all of the work of porting apps to native, but mileage of course varies a lot. It is just good to know that there is more help from Apple with this transition than the 32-bit to 64-bit transition. I’m personally just keeping an eye on this to judge when is the right time to transition myself!

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So far, I’ve found that at lest for me, most of the major DAWs, Dorico Pro and VSTs are now compatible natively with the M1s Native Instruments seems to be lagging other than with Kontakt. Most of their other hardware hasn’t been updated yet. It really is a good deal though, with the amount of power you get for just the base model. Very fair price.

As others have mentioned definitely check that all your hardware and software is natively M1 compatible. I know for myself that there are still quite a few plugins etc that are waiting on an update.

The studio feels more aimed at video/3d work just due to the GPU power and because its all SOC you kind of have to pay for that GPU power even if you don’t need it. The base model is the same chip as the highest tier MBP so if you ever work on the move that might be the better way to go, you’ll pay more due to the added screen, battery etc but have a machine that will work everywhere.

I’m not aware of any options for future upgrades of any kind so buy with future use in mind.