Neova Expression Ring - What do we think?

So I remember following this product as a Kickstarter project a few years ago, and now it’s finally here as a finished product. Wireless with minimal latency makes me interested. What about you, any thoughts my fellow composers? :slight_smile:


Very interesting!

The only usable results I’ve had for true vibrato so far is with accelerometer tech (BBC2 nod/tilt sensors), and while that works great for brass, I’ve had less satisfying results with violin and the like.

(And the SWAM strings really need this! The integrated LFO vibrato basically ruins everything whenever it shines through, and it’s difficult to avoid that by just modulating the depth and rate.)

I’ve tried using the Leap Motion for true vibrato, but had pretty terrible results. Should be great in theory, as it has that natural cross-over between intonation/slide/vibrato that you have on fretless strings, but it just comes out wobbly and random. Not quite sure if it’s a tech or physics issue, but I instantly had much better results just grabbing the BBC2 and shaking it in various ways.

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I think “shaking” your finger is a much more natural way of doing vibrato, since it is basically what you do on both bowed strings and plucked strings instruments.

I have to say I also really like that this product is wireless. For some reason my breath controller cable is always in the way and annoys me lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

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