Need help with Zoom U44 setup

Oh my, so I have a new toy and would love some help setting it up. I am a complete noob to audio interfaces and would like to know a couple things before I break my new gadget.

Mostly concerned about power options.

I want to be able to:

A) Monitor my deity mic with headphones as I record video and audio on my android phone. The mic has a 3.5mm jack, and i have an adapter to make it the full size. Got an app for the otg cable recording. Question: Do I use batteries, plug in a power adapter, or not? And what setting do I put the power supply on? I love all these power options but am super afraid I will do something wrong and overheat a component. I hope I am being naive here.

Without the audio interface, my diety mic can be powered by phone on airplane mode so no static.

B) I also plan on trying this for lives, so that might be different. Anyone have any experience with this unit and lives through an android device?

Your knowledge is much appreciated.

Expect me to come back and ask about more things. Lol.

Chicken to hook up. 🪝