Nebulae (music contest oct 2019)

Hello all
here is another composition for the ambiant music contest
for this one i decide to compose a music inspired by galaxy and deep space
i use vintage synth to have a particular sound, i use also an analog with phasing pedal for effect
thanks for listening


Pleasing main sound. Nice fx flying in. I would need more (slow) changes - so it would be less ‘static’. Some more surprises. But I like it!

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I hope You donot mind me asking a question here
Could you explain a bit further if that ok?

you are right, but in my mind for an ambiant there is no need to have surprise but just slow change in the melody or the chord, if you add surprise i think you break the mood of ambiant , i will check in the course of mikael if he talks about surprise in ambiant composition
i keep in mind your idea

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I agree, I would be careful of sudden changes in any form, anything that breaks the “smooth flow”. As always there are “degrees” and different styles of ambient and atmospheric music, so it all depends. You can often add shimmer, sparkle and small details that go in and out in a smooth fashion. :slight_smile:

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Some great synth patches. Think I agree with others that some of the fx needs to sweep slower - like evolve more gradually- good track though. What did you use for vocals?

Hello Phil
in fact in this track there is no Vocal library, what you hear is the preset sound of the JV1080 from roland

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Nice one, could be a lot longer to keep the listener floating. For the white noise (or is it in the synths?) the half bpm would make the track even more relaxing.