Native Instruments s88 controller and Komplete 12 select

I’m planning on doing a studio upgrade and am putting in a second studio for in the box production , a change from my hardware solution …I’m considering the s88 controller and updating the Komplete to the collectors edition as a main compositional tool, in conjunction with my omnisphere 2.6 and additional sample libraries…
I’ve read some reviews , and they all seem pretty hyped … Can some forum members give me some insight into this solution …thanks K

I have the K49, and honestly I only use the light guides mainly. I don’t know why, perhaps since I am so rooted in software. For me the single best advantage is the light guides showing the range and mappings and key switches for kontakt libraries.

Would I buy it again? Well I need a master keyboard as I can only really record on piano weighted keys. I would probably have gone for a Seaboard as my 2nd keyboard instead of this NI, but it is good quality, and if you can get into a habit of using the knobs it has excellent control over the libraries that support it.

I’ve got the 88s - love it - have maschine studio as well and to be honest use the 88 more. If you use komplete kontrol it works really well although you can have some control over logic/ DAW as well from keyboard- does mean I spend less time with using mouse and screen and can do a lot from keyboard. It’s great for kontakt libraries that have NKS support. There’s more plugins that have NKS support as well now. Although it’s still good for just midi mapping controls etc. Keys are good and it’s well made.

If your into NI stuff then it’s definitely worth considering.

Thanks for the insight, can machine and say an s88 be run concurrently? Can you have both devices running at the same time ?

Yes you can have both at same time - can play maschine pads on keys - plus maschine software shows up on keyboards screens - great for browsing through patches and sounds from keyboard or maschine so you don’t have to keep looking at screen

Okay … I’m sold … I’m going to order the s88 and go from there … computer wise I have more then enough to run it and daw wise I’m licensed on a few so all is good …I need to drop some new shelving in my storage room in the house and move some hardware out of my studio for a while. .thanks everyone for the input…

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One more question … can you integrate an s61 into the solution at the same time?

Well Pulled the trigger on the s88 bundled with Komplete 12 select … Will have it for Friday


I also have the S88 and LOVE it! The komplete ultimate collectors edition comes with an amazing string and orchestral library. really amazing stuff

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