Native instruments downloads

So wondered if someone can help with this problem.
You can’t download new stuff through native access without them wanting 100gb ( for some programs) of free space on your laptop, even though the files are going to a portable harddrive. Incredibly frustrating as I don’t have that space free and would practically have to delete all my files just to make space for an installation.

Is there a way around this at all?

Yeah, to put it bluntly, NA is pretty retarded. (And on that note, I’m not terribly impressed with Kontakt either, when it comes to library management…)

What you can do is download to a different location (big HDD, rather than the sample library SSD, for example), and then manually move the files where you want them. Sample libraries, plugins etc can all be moved, though you’ll have to update configurations and paths in some cases. For example, Kontakt libraries can be “installed” by just telling NA where the files are located. “Non-Player” libs can simply be located from within Kontakt.

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that works when you have the space to download the ‘temporary files’ I simply don’t have the 51gb that can be deleted to even do the download to put them on a harddrive. its nonsensical! and there doesn’t seem to be a way around it. Ive changed the locations on NA and it still wants 51gb extra on the MAC just for the temp files

Very good question. I wish I could help. That said, if you need to quickly find which files are taking a lot of space to temporarily move them to a new drive to make space for your installation for NI’s products, there’s a great utility I used to use called Grand Perspective you might want to check it out

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I did that thanks :), I literally moved every single file I COULD move to a harddrive to make space and still needed 50gb of space on my mac! :frowning: its ridiculous. Why can’t they just give a direct link