Native groove for you

Genre/Style: Contemporary Groove Tune
Creative Vision for the Track: I am Native American and wanted to work a tribute using Native Chants - This groove contains Shoshone, Dine (Navajo) and a Choctaw Title and Composer (me, lol).
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 120Bpm all e minor - it’s a groove so it pretty much stays centered with colors flying in an out.
Main Instruments used: My new Brian May Red Special Guitar, Session Bassist, Native Loops, Arcade Output, UJAM and Apple drums - Fun thing was cutting bass lines on a real bass, then midifying that and sending to NI Session Bassist - Result is way cool.

Hope you enjoy! Feedback appreciated - still in draft mode.


What a fun piece. I didn’t expect the beat to pick up, so that was cool. And props from embracing Native American sounds and keeping the culture alive.

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Great groove piece. Love the bass. Way cool. :^)
Also love the various sounds you’ve combined to make your groove. Very creative. Great job!