My VERY FIRST Orchestral Composition

Hello! Below is the first piece of orchestral music I’ve ever written, but there’s no need to be gentle, I can take it! :wink:

Track Description: A dark piece for a short film over which narration dialog will be placed.

Creative Vision : This is for a short film about a warlord who was torn to pieces by a mob, but comes back as a reconstituted monster seeking revenge.

I wanted to capture many different things:

  • A sense of longing and despair (minor chords, and the constant back and forth between D and C#).
  • A sense of something “not quite right” / unsettling (the later string melody that ends on B flat rather than a resolving note).
  • All while simultaneously capturing the “dragging” of a zombie across the ground (Chromatic ascending notes from D, with a short Tremelo before starting over on D).

Composition Overview : I don’t really know much theory and can’t really put much here. I’m guessing overall it’s in D minor? Hahahaha. Tempo is 107.

Main Sounds: Mostly free VST stuff until I can get some good recommendations for an orchestra.

I know the mix is terrible, there are some things not well quantized, etc. but I just wanted to share the first VERY rough track for some constructive comments and honest opinions (rather than vain compliment fishing). I would appreciate your input!

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Hi Ameer,
I think you did an excellent job capturing what you intended. The sense of something not quite right, the image of the zombie being dragged, the darkness or despair. Nice job!


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