My relaxing ocean soundtrack - "Coral Reef"

Genre/Style: Relaxing, Meditative, Soothing Soundtrack (though it might be another genre not sure about that).

Creative Vision for the Track: I wanted to create a musical ocean sound with the strings representing the waves, coming and going, as I used the volume tracks that look like waves too, and I tried to make this as smooth as possible, as in the WALL-E and Nemo soundtracks by Thomas Newman from which I took a bit of inspiration and that I found to be so deep, but peaceful at the same time. I tried to make the sound as pure as possible, and not put too much or too little reverb.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): The tempo is very slow as it is supposed to be calm. The main chords used are different types of C# chords and it might be sort of repetitive but towards the end I experimented with deeper and more complex chords such as for example a complex E# minor chord where I do my best to give emotional chills.

Main Instruments used: I used the most dreamy synths possible from the amazing Spitfire LABS libraries, and the strings, trombone and even a choir( that you might not hear too well as I blended it with the synths) from the BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover (100% free as I’m a teenager and that I still consider composing music as a hobby, perhaps a future job who knows?)

Also, I’m kinda late for the Relaxing Music Contest that made me start this composition in the first place! Really love this forum. Anyways, any type of feedback will be greatly appreciated, as I’ve been composing soundtracks for just 6 months so I’m still a kind of beginner ;).


Really nice and relaxing piece, Alexis. Very calming and soothing and I think it portrayed the waves and ebb and flow of the water really well.
I’m interested to hear what it would sound like if you inverted the the prominence of the instruments, so pushing the wave chords further to the back and brought the meandering melody more to the front? Some of the subtlety in the rising and falling melody line was somewhat drowned out by the stronger pad chord sounds. (oops, sorry for the pun!)
Keep up the good work and well done!

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Thanks for the insightful feedback @romeosapien really appreciate it and I see what you mean about the stronger pad chord yeah will think about that for my next composition.

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Cool job. Very relaxing ambient piece.

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Really enjoyed listening to this. Well done. I wish I’d had these kind of tools when I was your age! :slight_smile:

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Nicely done. Like the dynamics in the swelling strings. Maybe, maybe I think they´re a little “clear” compared to the more pad like surrounding synth if you get what I mean. Great.

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Thanks for the comment @Fredrik I think I get what you mean you mean that the strings should be more dreamy kind of like the pads right (so more reverb for example?)

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I´m an amateur so take the feedback for what it is. When I listen I just close my eyes and say what come first to mind. Yes maybe reverb. But it´s great as it is too.