My recent track Hidden Love

Title : Hidden Love
Creative Vision :This theme shows about the feeling of hidden love which is like a song

Overview : The theme starts in E minor with usual chord progressions of soft backings.In the middle percussion strikes join with the theme and the theme ends with layered instruments.
Main sounds : Flute,Guitar,violins,Cellos and French Horn. I add Timpony ,snare and strikes from Action strikes.
Youtube link:
Thanks for listening


Puts me in mind of a little Garfunkel running into a more spaghetti western feel. Nice chord progressions and I like that you tried to use various instruments to take over the theme. The wind instrument in the 1st 3rd needed to take a breath a little though and not sure about the lead instrument after that. It sounded good as a guitar, but then changing the quicker notes with a glide didn’t work too great for me.

Nice job all round though :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your nice comment.The lead guitar tone is from Nexus Guitars

Beautifull piece Bala.
The structure is perfect as always.
My tip: melodies in the second half are not very attractive for me. They reduce the value of the song.
Your classical new age sound is very nice.

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Glad to see your nice feedback .Thanks a lot