My recent electronic composition for piano and strings

Hi, this is a composition for piano and orchestra I dedicated to those who struggle in this hard time. often I feel sad and depressed but I hope everything will be over eventually. I used a rhythm sequence plugin from Arturia.I am looking for some free drum sequence plugins compatibale with Ableton, but can’t find any.


A wonderful truly dramatic representation of this difficult situation moved me greatly.

If you use kontakt I suggest you this phenomenal free Sennheiser drum complete with multi-style groove, interchangeable multi-microphone and various presets, I hope it’s right for you.

Alternatively I recommend these, always free very nice


Very dramatic, evokes emotions. I like the way it builds.

thank you so much Elia! I have many drum sets in Ableton packs, What I was looking for is a sequencer to write polyrhythms. I can do it manually but often it is better just to use a ready one…

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thank you Tom, for listening! I think I am an emotional composer… and I just practice to develop a build up as it is an essential element of any structure

Go to 1:37 of the video, you’ll notice that you can assemble your groove sets and drag and drop them into your daw … or maybe I didn’t understand what you need. :blush:

Or is ok Eli, thanks a lot! I just watch a video about writing polyrhythms in Ableton, which I use.

Beautiful dissonance.
Tragic grace.