My new orchestral composition - Incredulous Circles

Incredulous Circles
My new orchestral composition entitled “Incredulous Circles” depicts an ice planet with no complex form of life on its surface. Microscopic life is just beginning to evolve near volcanic vents on its ocean’s floors. These perilous circles of life are normal. Form follows function as each new life adapts to the environment, which is also in a constant state of change. This too is normal. Older forms of life are replaced by newer forms of life, both plant and animal. These are the Incredulous Circles of life.

p.s. Obviously this was filmed on Earth so please pay no attention to any vehicles, people, plants, buildings or birds that might briefly appear in the film. Thanks.

This composition was built using Cubase Pro 11 and Spitfire Audio’s BBCSO Pro library.


Very interesting and unique piece Clinton! It definitely had me thinking along the lines of an orchestral version of something by the old electronica instrumental music duo Delirium/Synesthesia, who wrote these interesting soundscapes that were their musical interpretation of things like ‘DNA code’ and ‘pyramids.’ Nice job!


Great job on this Clinton. Thank you!

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I think the music very well captures what you described- very nice job! Cool modern orchestration, and that six note motif really works propelling the piece forward as the densities of the sounds vary.
Also really impressed with your use of the VI.


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Nice video bro.

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