My new orchestral composition for piano, cello and strings

Hi everyone,

Here is my new orchestral composition for piano, cello, strings and brass written in B min. I modulated in C maj and A min in this composition. I wrote the piano part myself, the riffs and arrpegios. It is a slow tempo piece, with some countermelodies played by strings. I also decided to stay within one chord progression with some variations, develop this theme to the and added a variation of it as an ending.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):


I really found the violins next to the piano to be amazing and I love the entrance of the cello!
Love the part at 1:40. I do not have enough experience to criticize but I would love to compose something as good as that in the future!

I love that cello. It’s one of the most lyrical and expressive instruments in the orchestra and you used that beautifully!

Beautiful! I love your vision. I enjoyed the build up and wind down. To me, this feels like a soundtrack to a TV or movie drama. British or Scandinavian.
One detail that I might have added would be some reverb to the strings in order to smooth out the tails. They can be a bit abrupt on occasion.
I always look forward to hearing your music, as I know it will be a musical journey.
Regards, Adrian.

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I like it very much.
I agre with @romeosapien. The structure and evolution is perfect, but the permanet slow attack of the strings is a little bit tiring. And I feel that there is a group of strings slightly out of tune from the begginig (maybe a detuned synth or effect).
Good job. A very inspring soundtrack-style beautiful moment.

Thank you Vincente. I hope the strings are not playing the wrong notes. I thinks these are the pads I used.

Thank you Adrian, I am learning to write cinematic music, I am listening to many composers now. But this piece was influenced by music of Alex Wurman, his complex harmony

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Thank you Mat. I agree, I love cello and feel like when it is playing solo it sounds very deep and lyrical

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Thank you Alexis!

Awesome work to me. As other have said I like the tension and the build up. There are just enough instruments to keep it from getting cluttered. The break is great also add that it’s over feeling yet he it comes again.

I agree. It’s absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us.

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thank you! Glad you like it!

thanks a lot!