My new epic track (arrangement and production practice)

Hi everyone! I need some help and your opinions about my new epic track.
Some information here:


Genre: Epic Orchestral

Main Instruments used: Strings, Brass, Percussion, Guitar, Synths

Creative Vision for the Track: I’ve tried to create fast, epic, and powerful track for arrangement and mixing/mastering practices. It’s not a commercial project. It seems to me that my ears no longer hear anything. :smiley: So, I’d be happy to get some feedback from you, guys. Please don’t hesitate to write your critics and proposals for improving this work.

Thank you in advance and have a great day!


Your piece has great movement and energy. The only observation I would make is there seems to be little contrast dynamically. A drop and build could add more suspense and emotion. All in all, a wonderful piece of work. Thank you for sharing.


Oh, I do understand. Thank you so much for feedback!

It was my idea to make some kinda track with stable dynamic. :sweat_smile:

Very good and perfect arrangement. It really feels fast and epic. If you build it up to a climax and repeat the whole piece with variation you can reach a 3 min cue. Id really love to hear a full track of this,
Pls keep up that great work,
Sincerley yours,

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Thank you Michael! You’re really inspired me to continue working on this track and I’m happy that you liked it! :metal:

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I really like this, very energetic! My only critique would be at the beginning, the strings seem a bit thin. But perhaps that is just my aging ears :grinning:

I am not great at epics yet, so I always enjoy the opportunity to listen to others’s work. Very much enjoyed it and look forward to hearing more.

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Thank you Randy! :blush:

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What choir did u use here? I love the syllables they are quite nice

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This is Oceania by Performance Samples.

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It sounds great. As others said, some variations would add more sense of speed and danger. The stability in rythm, harmony, melody doesn’t work in favour of creating the cinematic feeling that something is happening. At the end it loses the energy. Maybe increasing to a climax final would keep the interest of the listener higher.
Well chosen instruments. GOOD JOB

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Real cool piece Vlad! This is the type of music I struggle with right now—I’m too classically influenced. I think it would be cool to add a short break in the middle, perhaps just some epic percussion, and then build it up again. Awesome work otherwise!

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Hi Vicente! Thank you so much for your feedback. :hugs:

Hey Matt! Thank you!

Don’t worry about your ‘struggling’. To my opinion, your classical influence is a big advantage. :muscle:

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