My Latest Single "I Speak Not"

Genre/Style: Neo-classical Symphonic Metal
A love song composed in Neo-classical symphonic metal style. The overall vibe is dark, deep but epic, filled with longing and awe.

Creative Vision for the Track: the lyric is based on the poem “I Speak Not” by Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron, 1788-1824). Lord Byron is my favorite English poet - I always fall for that darkness and desperation behind the romantic longing.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):The song is in D minor, however it sounds modal overall which provides a hint of Nordic or Celtic flavour. The melody is romantic and lyrical, but I incorporated aggressive metal gestures in the orchestration on purpose.

I also harmonized the melody in a fairly classical way - diminished and half-diminished chords, augmented 6th and Neapolitan chords, to thicken the texture and darken the mood.

I ended up singing it myself because the emotional and stylistic complexity is too hard to deliver to a singer. (I am not a singer at all). This key is initially difficult for me to sing, but instead of changing the key, I decided to take vocal lessons just for singing this - I see the poem only in this color of D, I can’t hear this song in any other keys.

Main Instruments used: It really is quite a fusion in terms of the orchestration, as that is how I present the idea of “emotional complexity”. Aggressive drums/percussions, amplified guitars and bass guitar keep the metal feature, combined with the lush strings, airy flute, and lyrical harp to give that romantic longing. Epic choir, huge reverb, and wide stereo image are there to provide the grandeur and sense of awe.


I really like this composition. I love how you’ve brought together the classical and orchestral elements with the celtic/nordic flavors and the metal rhythm section. Very well done! And your voice is a nice match for that style, too.

If I was to add one suggestion- there is, to my ear, a degree of repetition in the guitars and drums; I’m wondering if maybe you can vary their texture or rhythm as the song progresses. And I love your intro- I wonder if you might use something from it again; perhaps after the instrumental section in the middle?

Anyway, just my thoughts, which I’m always very hesitant to put forth, as I’m very much a beginner in the composing world. But wonderful job on this song; can’t wait to hear more from you!


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Thanks for your feedback Steven. I love your ideas. Some of them were actually what I have been considering when I was writing that piece. I even hired a live guitarist, well, he bailed on me, unfortunately. And those repeated patterns are loops that seem to fit the song in an electric guitar library I use. That was the only electric guitar library I have :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think your ideas are very inspiring and mature. Writing music is indeed a life-long learning progress.

Hi Chestnut, This piece is absolutely awesome! Really enjoyed it - If you need a guitar player, hit me up - would love to contribute, no charge. Just followed you on SoundCloud - Stu (KodoDojo)