My first single 2021

Hello to all lovers of low frequencies and not, with emotions that I present my single One by one good listening I hope you like it, and who knows if someone will buy it too-
See you soon for new news

*Drum and bass track with jazz nuances due to the instruments, even if recreated with vst, to the dynamic and syncopated rhythm.

*My vision for this piece is to break down the essence of any problem or difficulty that usually arises in the phase of life, it is not a hymn to violence but a mental retaliation on what hurts us

The composition is in Em, at least I think heheh !!!
the rhythm is amen break at 175 bpm, classic dnb mold, the rest has a jazz jam session mood but played aggressive and with a slight pull back

  • The main instruments here are, trombone or horn (foghorn) created with Serum and a double bass created with Ample Bass Upright, the rhythm is a nice dry box but with a lot of tip due to the lack of presence, the snare instead is replaced by a simple finger snap slightly reverberated, and a syncope rim, the hi hats are shacker while for the other cymbals I used a tambourine, a ride and a splash, the synth lines for melody and ambience were also created with the Serum


I like it, Andrea. It is well mixed taming these lows. Very soundtrackeable too. I can see it in an action or terror scene. GOOD JOB :ok_hand:

Hi I’m glad you liked the track, it was my intention to give it a dark and tense atmosphere, I’m glad to have succeeded in the intention hehe see you soon and thanks again PACE

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Hi, Andrea!

“All lovers of low frequencies …” Think I cover most boxes there (trombonist; euphonium; leader of a low brass jazz group of trombones, euphoniums, tubas).

I’m glad you’re taking the leap and putting out your single! Always a large step! Congrats!

I liked your creativity in exploring non traditional rhythm instruments for the rhythm section. When I was growing up I’d see street bands using suitcases for drum sets and trombonists using water glasses in place of their bells (which, due to the financial situation, had to be pawned until they gigged enough to retrieve them).

I have to say, however, I had a very hard time engaging with the piece on it’s own. As was mentioned before I agree its strength would be as an underscore. I think the visuals would add context and continuity that was lost on me. Part of that is my age (fossil, yes, dead, no) and frame of reference. (Take this as a reflection on me, not on your piece, btw.)

I think you’ve done a great job with the engineering and keeping low frequencies clear and discernible. Not an easy thing to do with that many things in the same sonic space!

The randomness of some of the depth charges was very effective in capturing the uncertainty of when life’s challenges may arise. It added a sense of tension that was very effective.

Nice job, Andrea! Keep the good works coming!


Hi stan!
Your message made me very happy, I’m glad you appreciated the track, it’s a job started in summer 2020, it played badly all the time but then I remembered the instruments, the real ones hehehehe, and he fixed the everything between analogue and digital, the next will be focused on funky or on the real dnb, very very digital, thanks again, to the rest with many news, hopefully, a greeting from Italy biiiiig uuuup
PEACE :wink: