My first ever Composition - Western Theme

Track Description:
my happy exciting and thrilling interpretation of being in a western town

My Creative Vision :
I was at a western town in Arizona with my friends in '19. I wanted to capture that feeling I had when I was there. I felt at home but also was super thrilled to be there.
BTW: the western town is called Unity. so that’s why the track is called Unity.

Composition Overview :
The composition is written in C Major, but I change the key at the climax to Eb Major.

Main Sounds :
is very focused on the brass section. but a lot of guitars are included. acoustic, e-guitar and e bass.
the chords are written mostly with low brass and string instruments and as staccatos.

As the title says: its my very first Composition, so I’d be very happy for tipps.
Please tell me what you think!


Whoa…! First ever? That is some solid writing right there, by any standards, and there orchestration is right up there as well. Maybe a bit more expression automation could breathe more life into the strings, and more dynamics in the short string articulations, but other than that, nothing really springs to mind right now.

Maybe the mix is a bit too wet and harsh for my personal taste by “modern” standards - but this sound actually feels very appropriate for the style. It reminds a lot of the old western scores, typically recorded in scoring stages, using the technology of the time (often including plate reverbs and whatnot) that adds this distinct flavor to it. Major nostalgia!

All in all, I’m really liking this. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your work!


Fantastic !! I As first composition is extraordinary, congratulations.
I agree with David about the mix, the strings disappear a bit.
Excellent orchestration!

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Thx soo much David! Yea it’s my first peace ever.
And thx for the reply. What you said is true. I didn’t do much expression automation on any section. I will definitely try and enhance the strings with that next time. Thx this could really help my strings next! (Also I bought a new string library. Looking forward to try it out)

And I realize you’re right with the mix too. I’ll make the mix it a little less wet next time!!

And looking forward for your review next time as well! :slight_smile:

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Thx a lot Roberto! Super happy that you like it. I really appreciate you took the time to reply!

I try to bring out the strings next time a bit better!


Awesome tune, very good! I loved it all the way through.

I only had one thoughts in terms of offering thoughts & ideas. Make an exact copy of the reverbed guitar with a non- or less reverbed version of the same guitar playing with it, I think it would give it a more real guitar sound.

Great feel and atmosphere! It wouldn’t be amiss in something like Firefly. Loved those bold brass sounds!
First composition?! Whooooooaaahhh there!