My first apocalyptic soundtrack!

Genre/Style: Post-apocalyptic/ apocalyptic soundtrack

Creative Vision for the Track: I wanted to create a soundtrack for a destroyed world, which is why I called this ‘Desolation’, but where there is still hope and optimism in the midst of the apocalypse. I took some inspiration from The Walking Dead as it’s probably my favorite series at the moment.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): The main chords are C#minor and different C#minor chords and then F# major which is the chord of optimism. Then towards the middle part there are a couple of different progressions.

Main Instruments used:

LABS frozen strings
LABS synth
LABS pluck synth
BBC Symphony Orchestra Cello
Atmos Piano
Generdyn sound effects

Anyways, hope you like it, and I’d really appreciate your feedback!


Very well done, I really like it as an entire piece. It does carry the heavy weight mixed with hope and is very well done and haunting.

As a story teller though the piece visually, for myself at least - felt it kind of lost the apocalypse feel after the 2:40 minute mark when you bring the 2 pieces together. Up to the slow hopeful section it feels like a desolate real-world grounded apocalyptic song leading into a moment of great sacrifice - losing a friend or loved one after the shelter fails or they succumb to the illness or something, then the slow section is the mourning period and is very beautifully contained. But once it picks back up and fuses of the 2 parts makes it sound more like something from a superhero movie and I lost the apocalyptic world & sacrifice imagery and say a hero standing on a skyscraper overlooking a crime riddled city. I mention purely constructively as you mentioned in you intended visual, I still really love the piece.

Writing it out though, it actually kind of sounds like a cool story about a normal person becoming a post-apocalyptic superhero to avenge a dead loved one though… :thinking: Put that in the maybe pile…:slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the feedback I appreciate it. Yeah I really think you’re right about the loss of apocalyptic feel in the last part, perhaps it was a bit too grand. Thanks again for taking your time to listen to my piece!

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