My entry: Tank Action

There are so many action scenes you can imagine…, I have decided to choose a tank attack for the contest.
Here is my inspiring image.

I’m not really sure about the mix because I’m working in my “summertime portable studio” :sweat_smile: , and my ears are full of wax and water (mmm the swimming pool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but anyway here is my proposal to an action scene music.

Track Description : As an action music it contains energy and changing tempo, focusing less in melody and harmony. It is not completely atonal because I always try to add some memorable phrases or simple themes that repit along the piece to make it conected in the different parts.

My Creative Vision : Thinking about tanks I decided to produce a oppresive feeling, so it is not a nice song. Mainly orchestral sounds, and percussion importance. I didn’t used a video scene so I tried to imagine one from a picture.

Composition Overview : At the beginning, a rising passage brings tension and tells that something dangerous is coming. When the tank enters there is a strong, unstoppable rhythm and some terror harmonies. Suddenly, there is a fragment where the tank is preparing a shot, so the tempo rises and there is a hurry feeling. Aftewards, the unstoppable rhythm returns. Finaly, there is a more melodycal part for a final epic emotion.

Main Sounds : There are many instruments, mainly orchestral from BBC and Reason. Some percussion hits and stomps and even a female voice that adds some tragic screams.

I hope you enjoy it.

The link is:

You can imagine the terrible scene where a tank is breaking through the rubble to enter the battlefield. Turning the turret to aim the gun at maybe a building full of people. The screams add to the tension. A superb composition.

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Thank you Keith. It is a great present when somebody feel your target.